Girlfriend ALERT: Naomi Campbell Lewis Hamilton\’s New Flame, On A Vacation Together?

Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend

Passing the worst season in his entire motorsports career has led Lewis Hamilton to detox himself this winter. Apparently, after facing complete disappointment in the 2022 season, the driver is ready to enjoy the break to re-energize himself both physically and mentally. First, fans get to see the seven-time world champion in the streets of Japan in an iconic Nissan Skyline R 34 Gt-R making donuts, laughing and enjoying. And then, a trip to Egypt. In Giza, Hamilton was spotted with Naomi Campbell in a fashion show by Dior. 

As per the reports, last night on the red carpet of the fashion show, Lewis Hamilton was spotted with Naomi. He was wearing a very stylish grey and black jacket (as he always rocks in whatever he adorns). Naomi Campbell is Hamilton\’s model friend. She is a British model, actress, singer, and also businesswoman. But some of the fans are thinking as if there\’s something going on between them. Fans surely want to know about the romantic side of the driver. So, let\’s talk about it.


Lewis Hamilton Is A Lone Wolf: Did He Finally Get His \”ONE\”

So far, there is nothing going on between Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Campbell. As a matter of fact, both share a very huge age gap, Naomi is 52 while Hamilton is just 37. Both have never been spotted in such a way before, anywhere, so that one can claim anything in between them. Although Naomi is yet single and not married, Lewis Hamilton has never been on her boyfriend list. Michael Fassbender was known to be her recent boyfriend. 

As for Lewis Hamilton, he is a single man for a while. However, earlier this year, rumors were spread that Hamilton was in a relationship with model Camila Kendra. Some of the media publishers stated that Camila shared pictures in the Briton\’s home in his plaid shirt. Reportedly, both were good friends. But no one knows if the rumor about them being romantic was true or not. Unfortunately, just after the season began and Hamilton returned to the grid, all the rumors vanished, and the seven-time world champion became a lone wolf again. 

Hamilton Back As The Fashionista In Cairo\’s Dior Show

The Mercedes star shines above the track, the driver never fails to gain attention for his fashion sense. He is arguably the most fashionable Formula One driver ever. The seven-time world champion has more than 40 million fans across the world, in his fans count, and Hollywood starts too. Oftentimes, fans from the cinema industry come to collab with Lewis Hamilton. Off the track, the driver is more of a model.

Last day, in Dior\’s fashion show, Lewis Hamilton was adorning their Pre-Fall Men\’s collection designed by Kim Jones. The driver was very excited to be in Egypt as it was his first trip to the beautiful city. 

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