George Russell Too Optimistic Of Beating Lewis Hamilton Next Year, Just Need A Faster Mercedes Car

George Russell

After defeating the seven-time world champion in the driver\’s standings of 2022, George Russell is emboldened enough to imagine himself standing with next year\’s championship trophy. This year indeed, Mercedes cars were weak and incompatible in front of rivals. And thus, Lewis Hamilton could not match fans\’ expectations. But, his teammate George Russell, has also got the same W13, right? Then how come he won his maiden race with it and also 35 points more than Hamilton?

These stats are really in favor of the 24-year-old Mercedes driver. One can definitely agree with George if he himself considers him as one of the world title contenders for next year\’s championship. Defeating Lewis Hamilton as a teammate is not just winning one Grand Prix and getting a few points ahead of him. Rather, it means to defeat the SEVEN-TIME world champion, the one with MOST GP WINS, the 16-winning streaker, and a lot more that only Lewis Hamilton has. So for George, yes! the 2022 season was quite an achievement.

Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

Russell joined Mercedes this year, and he won his first race in Formula One. This proves the fact that in Williams, the Brit was just lacking a perfect car. In addition, the W13 was the worst car, so when W14, the best car will be given to George Russell. Then will he not win more races? Well, \”I never doubted myself,\” says the driver. When The Race asked George about the optimism of winning a championship and defeating Lewis hamilton in the future, he said, \”I do believe in myself. But, going with the mindset that I will beat Lewis Hamilton 95% of the time. Then, you are definitely going to get disappointed.\”

A Perfect Car, And George Russell For A Champioship Win! Defeating Lewis Hamilton Is Easy

Russell reckoned that he had learned the tricks for overpassing Hamilton, who goes extraordinarily fast. However, he believed that there was still a lot of homework to do. He just needs to focus on the target. \”I still believe that if I have got the perfect car beneath, the set-up and the tyres in the right place, working in a way how I want them to work. Then I can beat him[Lewis Hamilton],\” said George Russell. And not only Hamilton, then he will be ready to beat anyone else on the grid. This is the belief that Russell wants to prevail upon.


Meanwhile, forgetting not about the races where Hamilton just missed the victory, Russell wants to clarify that he still fears the seven-time world champion when he gets back to his pace. This season Lewis Hamilton may not have won a race, but he has secured 5 P2, five times totally ahead of his teammate. Explaining the above, Russell says, \”Looking at those races, I think if little things went slightly differently. Then, I could have been ahead [of Lewis Hamilton].

George Russell also intends to give an example about one of the races where he could have beaten Hamilton. But, just because of wet tyres he failed. He said, \”Hamilton outscored me in Montreal. But if I stayed on wet tyres then I probably would have been ahead and finished on the podium.\”

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