The 2022 Formula One championship is going on at full speed like the F1 cars. Fifteen out of twenty-two races are done and dusted. And now, only seven racers are left that will decide the ultimate F1 world champion of 2022. However, the avid fans have already started looking for next year’s schedule. And looks like some solid reports are coming from the F1 ground. As per the reports, the 2023 F1 calendar is going to be the Longest Ever Schedule in the history of Formula One. What more will happen in the upcoming season? Keep reading to find out.

Longest Ever Season Is Coming Up!

A reported first draft calendar for the 2023 Formula One season has been published by According to that, the 20 drivers from the ten teams will have to race 24 Grand Prix. And that will decide the World Champion for the 2023 season. The championship will kick start on March 5, 2022, from Bahrain GP (as usual). Next, Saudi Arabia and Australian GP will take place, which is followed by a surprising China GP and Azerbaijan GP. The drivers will then take off all the way to the USA for the Miami circuit, and the European season begins on May 21 in Imola.

Surprisingly, Italy, Monaco & Spain GP will strike as a triple header to the teams, followed by Canada and Red Bull’s home GP Austria. After the Red Bull home race, the teams will move to England and then to the famous Belgian GP. Next will be the Budapest circuit at Hungry, which will mark the final Formula One race for the first half of 2023. After the summer break, the 2023 season will resume with the Dutch GP and then head to Ferrari’s home track at the Italian GP. With full determination, all the teams will then move to Singapore GP, followed by Japan & Qatar GP.

Formula One

After Doha, Formula One fans will again get a triple header with Austin, Mexico City & Sao Paolo tracks. The penultimate race will take place in Las Vegas, USA, on Saturday. And ultimately, Abu Dhabi will mark the final race of the 2023 season on November 26.

Some evident changes this year comprises the exclusion of French GP and another exemption of German GP. And even after many, many attempts of Mercedes’ driver Lewis Hamilton, it looks like FIA has decided not to include South Africa GP in the calendar. However, the provisional calendar still needs to get approval from the FIA World Council.

China GP’s Return To Formula One Depends On Their Covid & Political Reasons

The Chinese Grand Prix has been slated for April 16, 2023. However, Formula One organization has made it clear that the Shanghai race will depend on both the Covid as well as the political situation in the country. Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali stated, “We have to be careful. But we want to draw attention to positive values.”