FIA Set To Erase Red Bull\’s Strategy To Race Wins! Major Rule Change For the 2023 F1 Season

Red Bull

For Red Bull, two trophies with 17 Grand Prix wins were enough to announce their era of dominance in Formula One. After eight years, the team finally won the constructors championship. And with two consecutive championships, they marked the end of their drought period. There must have been a key to their success. What, in actuality, helped Red Bull regain their power?

The main mantra that helped Red Bull regain its dominance was the prevailing straight-line speed. This was something that even Mercedes failed to adopt [the team which won the constructor\’s championships consecutively for eight years]. However, next year Red Bull may not enjoy the same domination. This is because FIA has recently announced a ban on the \”key to success\” of Red Bull.


When FIA launched DRS [Drag Reduction System], it became one of the most intellectual designs in Formula One. But, it also risked the races being fairly played. Recently, FIA\’s technical director Nikolas Tombazis released a statement that could concern Red Bull. He believes that with the help of the DRS range, the F1 races lose their excitement as it provides a guaranteed overtake to the drivers.

However, the technical director has punched on the benefits of DRS for next year. When Autosport asked Tombazis about the same to prevail also in the 2023 campaign, he said, \”We may need to actually reduce the DRS in some races. FIA doesn\’t want the overtaking in F1 to be so easy. It still has to be a fight.\”

Later he described how the drag reduction system helps in ruining the excitement of the races. Tombazis believes that when the race happens too quickly, when you see a car approaching and then disappearing just in a moment, it actually makes it worse than being at the back and fighting. This needs a correction, \”this needs the right balance,\” said Tombazis.


Martin Blunder In Support Of FIA To Reduce DRS, Red Bull In Danger

Whatever the technical director of FIA said about DRS, it is not good for Red Bull. Indeed, it helped RB18 to attain a straight-line speed and also to attain the world championship. For sure, the Milton-based Keynes team included the DRS in their key weapons for winning the 2023 championship. And, now, when the main aid of the team is going to get reduced, Red Bull is going to face a difficult year.

Meanwhile, the Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle increases Reb Bull\’s concerns. When Martin was commentating on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, he suspected a problem and also gave a solution. He said, \”You have to say the DRS, by and large, has been too strong this year. Passes are made down the straight, and they need to be made under braking. They need to shorten the distances and delay the activation.\”


Not only Martin Brundle but F1\’s managing director, Ross Brawn, also came to speak in favor of reducing the DRS. Seems like Red Bull is going to be alone when the debate for the use of DRS should also continue in 2023.

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