FIA Puts A Serious Ban On Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen & Other Drivers For Free Speech

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are famous for always speaking up on social issues, political matters, and important things, even if it is beyond the sport. Several F1 drivers have used their racing platform to represent the hidden social issues. But, now, after the introduction of an Amendment to the International Sporting Code by FIA, none of the sportsmen are allowed to make statements related to politics.

Following the Amendment, the governing body of Formula One also banned making such statements involving politics and all. If any driver does not follow the ban and continues to make political statements, it will be considered a rule break applicable with serious sanctions.
However, the drivers are not just expected to be tight-lipped in all FIA-sanctioned events. They are allowed to speak on social matters only after seeking permission from the officials [the sports governing body]. Though FIA has stated strictly, \”Any Failure to comply with the instructions of teh FIA will be considered a breach. And, thus they will face sanctions.\”

FIA-Lewis Hamilton

With this ban, the one driver who will have to struggle the most with adjusting is Lewis Hamilton. Now that Sebastian Vettel is already retired, only Lewis Hamilton remains in Formula One, who actually used his spotlight to highlight the social inequalities and environmental issues. One of the recent most discussed steps taken by the seven-time world champion is wearing a T-shirt. With prints reads as, \”Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor\”. On the podium of the Tuscan Grand Prix 2020, Hamilton stood in support of the 26-year-old medical technician. She was killed by a police officer who was initiating a raid on her home in Kentucky, USA.

The Social Activities Played By Hamilton And Vettel That Used To Impress Fans Are Now Banned By FIA

The T-shirt was loud enough to speak in support of the victim, which was loved by millions of his fans. However, in an FIA review, a rule change was made suggesting the drivers only wear their official driving suits on the podiums of Formula One. Besides, Sebastian Vettel, who is no more a part of the F1 grid next year, was also the same as Hamilton. The German was spotted in a rainbow pride T-shirt. That read, \’Same Love,\’ showing solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community during the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel

Besides, also in the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the four-time world champion stood up in concern for environmental change. He shared a deep message criticizing oil extraction from the country\’s Athabasca tar sands by wearing a helmet. During the GP race, he wore a helmet with \”Stop mining tar sands\” written on it. These are indeed respectable acts done by the two legendary drivers. Maybe their social interest is also one of the reasons that attract so many fans.

However, now any such activity by the drivers will not be accepted by FIA. Abiding by the International Sporting Code, from January 1, 2023, in Formula One. Everyone will follow a uniform that suggests no religion, no community, cult, or community in Formula One.
The statements released by FIA imposing the ban say, \”The general who makes and displays political, religious and personal statements or comments will be noted as a violation of the general principle of neutrality that FIA promotes under its Statutes.\” Nevertheless, with the permissions and approval of FIA, one can seek the relevant allowance.

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