FIA President Scared Of Formula One Turning Into \’\’WWF\” After Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen Conflict

Lewis Hamilton

Indeed, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are the best pair when it comes to beating each other on the racing tracks of Formula One. The pair shares a very controversial history for their battles in 2021. One can also remember the Red Bull\’s car on Hamilton\’s head amid the race. Hamilton and Verstappen races, and not having contact with each other happens rarely. There is barely anyone left who has not commented on the rival\’s pair. Probably only FIA\’s president Mohammed Ben Sulayem remained to say anything, who finally ended up comparing the Red Bull and Mercedes rival drivers\’ conflicts to a WWE fight.

Besides, Ben Sulayem fears that Formula One will soon have a WWE series if the rules for crashes do not get implemented. The President does not want Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to go more intense while battling on tracks. Mohammed Ben Sulayem joined FIA for the role just a year ago and is now looking forward to handling the \”WWE\” like conflicts between the F1 drivers. The 61-years old has steered the FIA through his sharp ideas, including the 16 million euros deficit and the changes made in the Formula One rulebook.


Formula One Is Not Like \’WWF\’, It Needs Proper Governance

Many controversies surrounded the 2022 Formula One world champion Max Verstappen this year. Verstappen faced every possible criticism this season, from the threats of executing his title to an unfair aloft of his second trophy. When he won the Japanese Grand Prix along with the championship trophy with four remaining races, people were confused. Many started questioning FIA for quick judgment. The Suzuka GP was shortened due to the race, and thus some believed that the championship decision should not have been won there. However, the president of FIA came out to give answers to all those doubts claiming the decisions to be right.

Meanwhile, at the Prize giving event of FIA, the president discussed F1. He said, \”It is the pinnacle. You say it, you repeat it. And, you will always find controversy in it. You will find the challenges in the sport. The teams are always up in finding the way to go.\” Ben Sulayem admitted that in Formula One, there is a challenge every hour, and it is quite healthy. Everything is going well. However, being the FIA, the organizer of the sport, they need to be careful, says Mohammed. F1 has a side that is all about money, but there is another side that deals with fair judgment and governance.


According to the president of FIA, Formula One cannot run without the rules. One can never have sport go perfectly without the amendments and updates of the rules. Otherwise, Formula One will become WWF which has no governance. \”Formula One will end up like wrestling, like WWF, which has no rules, no governance,\” said Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem believes that he will face bigger challenges in Formula One in the future. And all of them need to be accepted well to make the sport well. FIA will never stop working on improvements and bringing updates to the new era.

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