FIA Officially BANNED Mercedes\’ Major Technical Update That Might Have Helped Lewis Hamilton For His 2023 Comeback

W13 Mercedes

The only thing that saved Mercedes from surviving in the 2022 season was the final upgrade of the front wings in their W13. When the team was struggling to find their identity on the track from the beginning till when they launched the upgrade, they knew some changes were required to improve the car\’s performance. And before the United States Grand Prix, Mercedes finally discovered their new front-wing design. This helped the drivers score good points on the grid.

However, the design used in the upgrade is considered a little inappropriate by FIA. Apparently, this new design is barely following the new regulations. The rivals who saw Mercedes rising from the downfall suspected something wrong in the final upgrade. And finally, raised an issue with the Formula One governing body, asking to ban the design run from next season.

After analyzing the design of the rear wings that Mercedes made to increase their performance were found to give secondary aero benefits. FIA suggested that the brackets in the wings should have been removed in the Mexican Grand Prix. However, the teams who used such tricks are not getting any penalties. But if they pursue the same method in the future, then the teams might get some major disadvantages.

Toto Wolff with Mercedes Drivers

The ban on the design has been marked as a \’primary\’ request in the regulations. After the emergence of this matter, FIA has become more strict for 2023 technical rules. They even suggested some more strict changes. As per the recent reports, in this week\’s World Motor Sport Council, a new draft of rules was approved by the officials. One of them is the separation between the slot gap brackets situated in the mid of consecutive profiles. The dimensions and connecting proximities have also been stretched more toward the rules to meet the real intentions of those regulations.

Mercedes Knew They Were Risking On The Front Wings For Being Illegal

Now, the \’primary\’ purpose of the rulebook is not the aerodynamic department but the design of the front wings. Meanwhile, Mercedes\’s technical head, Mike Elliott, also came out to complain about the matter. He believes that the need for such slot gap separators has only one \’primary\’ purpose for not delivering aero benefits, the key to pushing forward with the idea. However, he said, \”There\’s a fuss about it. The regulations deal with the primary use being for mechanical or measurement purposes. And, you can clearly spot a secondary aerodynamic benefit already in there.\”


Eliott revealed that before launching the design, they consulted about the idea with FIA. However, Mercedes knew that something illegal was at risk of it. Mercedes\’s technical director further reckoned that the regulations have 40-odd incidences in the rules of \’sole purpose. However, in this case, it is no more a \’sole purpose. Rather, it\’s a \’primary purpose now.

However, recently FIA has introduced another change in the 2023 regulations with intentions to help solve the car\’s porpoising issue. Mercedes was one of the cars that faced intense porpoising problems starting from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. So, somehow the new rules will deal with the biggest problem of Mercedes that led Mercedes so behind in their standard.

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