FIA Forced To Change The Rules After Christian Horner\’s Worries? More Teams Set To Face Cost Cap Breach Penalty

Christian Horner

Red Bull has made themselves one of the most important teams in Formula One after clinching both the 2022 championships spectacularly. When the team got a cost cap breaching penalty, it was considered too minor by the rivals. Now, F1 fans are demanding a change in the FIA rules, mainly after Christian Horner\’s claim suggesting that at least six teams this year have committed to breaching the budget. The supporters came along to call off the regulations as they put many teams at risk.

Express sport did a survey lately to find out how many people actually want to change the budget regulations. In an exclusive poll, it was found that 57% of Formula One fans want a complete change in the regulations. On the other hand, 43% of them want the teams to remain under the budget set by FIA. And wants FIA to punish them if they breach the budget even by a single penny.


Most likely, FIA will be urged to change the Formula One rules just because Christain Horner suggested that many teams will be found guilty this year. This year Red Bull got penalized for breaching the 2021 budget by $0.5 million. The team was slapped with a fine of $7 million with a 10% reduction in the Wind Tunnel testings for the entire 2023 season. Actually, Red Bull breached the budget cap by $2.2 million, but the rest of the amount was counted in the tax credits that the team failed to submit.

More Than 6 Teams Have Breached The Budget This Year, Claims Red Bull Boss

The penalty was less, according to 60% of the F1 fans, yet Christian Horner found it draconian. He believed that the consequences that Red Bull faced is just a precedent for 2022. Horner also stated the danger for 2022. As many as six teams could be found in the budget cap violation. There has been a huge rise in energy prices. However, Red Bull has been protected from that. But it is likely that several teams. Many of these have stated during F1 commission arrangements will damage the cap this year.

Red Bull

According to Horner, the teams this year have overspent this year because the prices of the engine have been going up and down in Europe constantly. Therefore the teams had to risk going over budget to make their cars impactful and stand a chance at the championship. The engine prices have also been high. Horner believes that FIA\’s analysis will find that many teams have overspent this year. Furthermore, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has also echoed Horner\’s remarks. Helmut shares the belief that inflation has hit Europe hard, and Formula is not untouched by its consequences.

Now, let\’s see if FIA will continue to punish all the teams who breached the budget this year, as stated by Horner. Or they will change the rule to give some relief. If so, then Christia Horner will obviously come out to protest. This is because he is not happy with FIA for the penalty they got.

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