Belgian GP once again witnessed Red Bull’s dominance over this year’s driver’s as well as constructor’s championship. Max Verstappen made a smooth run from 14th position to 1st to win the Grand Prix. Along with his teammate Sergio Perez, who secured the second position at Spa. However, for the Ferrari outfit, the race did not happen as they expected it to be.

Unlike Verstappen, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc took his time to reach the front from the back of the pack. Also, Carlos Sainz, who started the Belgian GP with the advantage of the pole position, assured only third position. However, Sergio Perez has recently mentioned that the Scuderia team will return with a strong front and a chance to win the upcoming Dutch GP at Zandvoort.

Sergio Perez Optimistic About Ferrari’s Strong Comeback!

The Belgian GP marked the third race in the row where a Ferrari Driver has not achieved the very top podium position. Moreover, Max Verstappen’s 98 points lead over Charles Leclerc is also weakening their stance in both the Drivers as well as the Constructors championship. However, Checo is quite optimistic that this trend will not continue for long and that Ferrari will jump back in the Dutch GP.


In a conversation with Sky Sports F1, Sergio Perez stated, “I think they will be back strong in Zandvoort.” He further mentioned that Zandvoort is a very unique track with a lot of straights around the place. And there, the drivers can gain a lot of lap time. So, according to the Red Bull driver, Zandvoort will be quite different from the other race track. And Ferrari can come back with a bang at the Dutch GP.

“One Off Race Among The Red Bull Drivers,” Claims Carlos Sainz

On the other hand, Carlos Sainz had some different opinions in regard to the Red Bull driver. The Ferrari driver described his time at the Spa as a “one-off” According to him, it was a race among the Red Bull drivers, and Max was on another level. “I think it’s a one-off. I think Red Bull just had a super-strong weekend,” the 32-year Ferrari driver said. On the contrary, Sainz admitted that the Ferrari had a bit of a weaker one on the track. Moreover, they need to analyze why they were at lag and take some conclusions for the upcoming ones.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari

For the upcoming Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, Carlos Sainz is more than sure that Ferrari will come back in form and beat Red Bull once again. “I think Zandvoort is a better hunting ground for us, and we should be stronger there,” stated the Ferrari driver.