Ferrari Told To Steal Lewis Hamilton\’s Strategy To Secure Wins For Charles Leclerc In Next Season

Lewis Hamilton Charles Leclerc

The Monegasque driver, Charles Leclerc, debuted in Formula One in 2018 with Scuderia Ferrari. However, it has been four years since he struggled to secure his maiden championship. So far, the 25-year-old has only won 5 Grand Prix and 24 podiums. In the past 2022 season, he gave everything and still could only clinch a runner-up position in the driver\’s standings, followed by the Red Bull star Max Verstappen.

Initially, in the season\’s starting races, it was only the Scuderians leading on the tracks. But soon after conquering the Australian Grand Prix, Leclerc lost his pace. Now, the question is, what should Ferrari do to let their driver win a World Championship finally? Someone believes Charles Leclerc should copy the seven-time-world champion, Lewis Hamilton.


Apparently, Ferrari has not won any F1 championship campaign since 2008. The team\’s constant downfall has led Ferrari\’s reigning boss, Mattia Binotto, to leave the team as if he was mostly responsible. But a former F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen believes that Mattia was not fully responsible, as the drivers, too, are accountable. If Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (joined Ferrari in 2021) want to bring back what Ferrari was once upon a time early in the century, then the drivers probably need to follow Hamilton\’s style.

Charles Leclerc Not Trusting His Team Is The Problem Why He Is Losing The Titles

Kovalainen thinks that Charles Leclerc and his mate Carlos Sainz should follow their team\’s order instead of asking questions about the strategy causing uncertainty. \”The drivers have not helped all the time,\” said the Former driver in an interview with Talksport. He also pointed out that both the Ferrari drivers have caused hesitations many times when they questioned the team\’s plan via radio. In such a situation, the team has to say, \’wait a minute, let us reconsider this.\’

Kovalainen and Hamilton

The Former Finnish driver then compared Charles Leclerc with Lewis Hamilton. This is because Charles questions on team\’s strategy, whereas Hamilton believes in them and simply follows the orders. Heikki, who had been teammates with Lewis Hamilton in Maclaren, reminded the reporter of the seven-time world champion\’s race events when the team ordered him to take the pit lane.

To which Lewis doubted and asked, \”Why? we don\’t need to pit at this time.\” But his advisor, Peter Bonnington, told via radio, \”We do need a pit, come in now, we know what we are doing.\” After that, Hamilton did not even suspect a little and simply took the pitlane. The Mercedes driver always keeps trust in his team, and this is the reason he wins.

Leclerc Needs To Copy Hamilton\’s Style Of Communicating With Team

Ferrari Drivers

It is evident that Charles Leclerc always lacks communication with his team. It can be considered one of the reasons why he has to struggle so much to win races. According to Kovalainen, it is still very hard to say what is missing inside the Scuderia team and what is preventing the driver cross the championship line.

This is something that the team will have to figure out themselves. Meanwhile, the exit of Mattia Binotto, the chief who had guided the team and Leclerc since when he debuted, has left the job by the end of this year. For 2023, Binotto will most likely be replaced by Alfa Romeo\’s boss Fred Vasseur. Let\’s see if Charles Leclerc will be able to win his maiden title under the new guidance or not.

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