Friday and Saturday turned out as a good start for trailing Mercedes at the Dutch GP. Lewis Hamilton secured the fourth position in the grid for tomorrow’s man race. Moreover, George Russel attained a satisfying sixth position to chase the win at Zandvoort. However, Ferrari was surprised by the German outfit’s performance. They came up as the Scuderia’s closest threat in both the practice sessions and qualifying as well. Even though Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz achieved consecutive second and third positions, Mercedes drivers gave Ferrari tough competition.

Mercedes & McLaren In Better Pace, Claims Ferrari

Not just Mercedes, but Mclaren also showed some excellent race play on the Zandvoort track. Lando Norris, who was fourth in both practice sessions, has also thrust him into the mix. Lately, Red Bull & Ferrari were the only were who were in the race drama. All the positions and controversies revolved around the four drivers of the two frontrunners. However, the involvement of other outfits like Mercedes and McLaren has been an eye opener for Ferrari & Red Bull.


Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who achieved the third position on the grid for tomorrow’s main race, also appreciated the tough competition. He was almost beaten by Lewis Hamilton. However, thanks to the yellow checkered flag triggered by Sergio Perez’s spin, the names changed on the grid list. As Sainz stated, “Then we are also very surprised by how quick everyone is: McLaren, Mercedes, and Red Bull. We are all in three-tenths of a second. I’m sure it will make things very, very tight going into qualifying. And exciting!”

Ferrari Needs To Work On Their Car

After facing a thrashing race at the Belgian GP, Ferrari was expected to return with great results at Zandvoort. At Spa, even though Carlos Sainz achieved the pole and was in the lead in almost half of the race, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez beat him to secure maximum points. The Ferrari driver achieved the third position, while another Scuderia, Charles Leclerc, was pinned to the sixth position. However, thanks to the Zandvoort’s higher downforce requirements, Ferrari had been widely anticipated to be at lead once again.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari

Although, Sainz has once again mentioned that the team needs to fine-tune if they want to see the Reds at the top of the podium. According to the Ferrari driver, they were far from the ideal balance in executing a lap. The Spanish driver added, “I feel like we need to improve a bit sector one and the warm up of the soft tyre, plus a bit the balance. But it’s all about fine-tuning and small margins going into qualifying.”

Another Scuderia driver, Charles Leclerc, also discussed the same issue. He revealed that he is struggling to rotate the car, and then on exits, it’s quite snappy. So, it looks like Ferrari needs to work on some of the little tweaks if they are eying to win the Dutch GP.