Fans Furious On \”Man-Child\” Max Verstappen After He Denied Sergio Perez The Lead & Cost 2nd Position In Drivers\’ Standings

Christian Horner

The Brazilian Grand Prix 2022 will always be remembered by Formula One fans for many reasons. It brought rain in the drought of team Mercedes with its first win. It also proved the Ferrari driver as one of the strongest. And most importantly, the race showed Max Verstappen who he really is after he betrayed his teammate Sergio Perez for imaginary reasons.

During the closing laps, Verstappen refused his team\’s order to let Checo pass him. But ignoring the radio, Max kept on moving. When the radio prompted again, Max simply shut them down by saying, \”I told you already last summer. You guys don\’t ask that again to me, ok? Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons, and I stand by it.\”

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez gave his sixth position to Max Verstappen with the one condition \’to get his position back if Max failed to surpass Alonso Fernando placed in fifth\’. But that one condition went in vain when Max denied the team orders. Checo found this very disappointing and sarcastically thanked his team and said on the team radio, \”Yeah, this shows who he really is\”.

Verstappen\’s Ditching On Checo Raised Outrage Among Fans

This betraying behavior of Max Verstappen at Interlagos cost him to lose many fans from all across the world. Checo\’s fans are furious and shouting via social media. Some said, \”Max Verstappen is just unworthy of a king.\” Amid this, a question has been raised. \”Will Sergio Perez Leave Red Bull? As It Is Very Clear That Max Verstappen Ditched Him and Won\’t Let Him Pass In the Future Too!

However, unfortunately, the answer to the question is NO! Because Checo has already signed a contract to be in Red Bull until 2024. He will be Max Verstappen\’s teammate for the next two years as the 25-year-old is under a contract that ties him with the Oracles until 2028. So far, Checo has just expressed his disappointment for his teammate and has not yet said a word about leaving the team. But maybe in the future, if the same thing happens that impacts the growth of the Mexican driver, it is very much possible that he will break the deal.

Sergio Perez Lost His Runner-Up Position In The Driver\’s Standings Because Of Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen has already won the season\’s world championship and 14 races so far, the most for a season. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez has just won two Grand Prix, and he was second in the driver\’s standings. But after Max Verstappen refused to let Checo pass him in the Sau Paulo Grand Prix, Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc replaced him with the same points.

In the starting laps, Perez was battling with the winners, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. But after the pit and change into medium tires, he was found behind the Alpine driver, Alonso. Perez was struggling and battling with the Alpine car, but then the team radio sounded and asked him to let Verstappen give him a chance which he did. However, when it came to Verstappen, he ditched. And later, when Checo was about the incident, he said, it is very disappointing to receive from the person you have always helped.

In addition, during the Japanese Grand Prix, Sergio Perez held the back of Verstappen by fighting with Leclerc for him. Fans of the Mexican driver say that Verstappen won the second title only because of his teammate. He allowed Max Verstappen to win so many races selflessly, being a true mate but never got repaid.

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