F1 Rule Change Will Once Again Hurt Mercedes In the 2023 Season


Mercedes hopes and expectations for having a better season next year are already getting dimmed by these new rules change. This year has been draconian for the Silver Arrows due to the porpoising issues of W13. Overcoming this main issue will be the main focus for the team this winter break. However, next year another problem is waiting to slap Mercedes. An ex-F1 driver, Karun Chandhok, came out to figure out a big problem for Mercedes that was, in fact, made to help them.

Lately, after the 2022 season got over, FIA suspected a need in Formula One following the porpoising issues faced by several teams this year. Along with Alpine, Aston Martin, and other back row teams, Mercedes was one of those who faced porpoising issues in the car throughout the season. In Imola, Lewis Hamilton, for the first faced such a problem. This was really hurtful for him, as he explained about the incident later.


However, looking at those issues, FIA implemented a rule in F1 to be followed in 2023. In the new rule change, the floor edges of the car have been increased by 15 millimeters with no more than 5mm vertical deflection. It allows a 250N load applied in the downwards direction with not more than a 5mm vertical in upwards 250N load. The main aim for launching such a rule is to reduce the car\’s ability to run the edge of the floor that causes contact with the circuit. The purpose behind such is just to increase the car\’s aero performance.

F1 Pundit Forecasts A Tough Season For Mercedes Next Year

Earlier, when FIA suspected the need, they were about to implement an increase of 25mm floor\’s edge. But, then different teams started objecting. So eventually, FIA had to launch only a 15mm increment. Now the point is, how can this be an issue for Mercedes? If the sole purpose of changing the rule is to help the teams decrease their car\’s porpoising problems?


For Mercedes, one must already know why this year was the \”worst\” ever for them, as claimed by Toto Wolff himself. It was just the new F1 regulations that the team failed to adjust to. And, thus, failed to become a stronger team. Next year, when a new regulation is coming, there must be a difficulty again. According to Sky Sports F1 pundit Karun Chandhok, Mercedes will have a tough time again next year in adjusting to the new FIA rule changes.

Chandhok stated, \”FIA is making a regulation change next year. This is maybe small, but not significant in terms of ride heights. Now the cars will have to ride at height.\” The problem for Mercedes will be nothing but the adjustment to the height of rides. The F1 pundit said believes that Mercedes has never had a run at high ride height. It will be difficult for them to do it for the first time in 2023. So the chances for an easy claim to the championship are again not strong.

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