[EXCLUSIVE] Aaron Judge Ultimately Signed With Yankees Because Of This Major Reason! Check Out Here

Aaron Judge Yankees

The fire has ultimately dried out. And fans are glad to have Aaron Judge back as a Yankee. However, this fruit of success has not come around on its own. The slugger resigned with the bombers after months of uncertainty and days of dedication. The Yankees front office had to break into bits and pieces to fight with San Francisco Giants to come up with the best deal and bring Judge back in the Pinstripe Blues. However, one question is still stuck in fans\’ minds. Why did Aaron Judge eventually land in New York? We finally have the answer to the question. So, keep reading to find out.

Aaron Judge Signed For The \”Ninth Year\”

For this, we have to go back in time to last week, when the final Judge showdown was taking place. At the moment, Giants bid a whooping $360 Million eight years deal to Aaron Judge. As a result, it became almost certain that the slugger would finally leave the Yankees. Along the way came Padres, who brought a gigantic $400 Million 14 years offer. And finally, the Bronx Bombers bid the same Giants number but for nine years. So why the AL MVP of the year chose the Yankees over the Giants? The answer is hidden in the question itself.


Apparently, it was the \’ninth year\’ which finally sealed the deal for the Yankees and made Judge resign the contract. In an interview, Veteran New York sports talk host John Jastremski revealed the slugger\’s thoughts. Along with his feeling to continue as \’the Yankee,\’ the ninth year played a very important role in Judge\’s return. As Jastremski stated, \”once he got that ninth year from Hal Steinbrenner, then it was like, all right, this is where I wanna be.\” This was the 11th-hour call that made Aaron Judge a \’Yankee for Life.\”

Yankees Executives Got A Feeling That They Lost The Silver Slugger

In the golden hour, when TIME Magazine named Aaron Judge the Athlete of the year, details about a perilous interview surfaced. It revealed that Judge is getting inclined toward the Giant\’s huge offer. On top of that, he also vented some displeasure with how the pre-season negotiations went with the Yankees. As Judge stated, \”I understand it’s a negotiation tactic. Put pressure on me. Turn the fans against me. Turn the media on me. That part of it, I didn’t like.\”


After the interview came out, the Bombers\’ management let their arms down. They were sadly sure that now, the AL MVP will not re-sign with them. This is because he has clearly revealed his discontent with the Yankees. However, in the end, Aaron Judge finally went with his inherent feeling of choosing pinstripe blues, and he became a Yankee.

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