Everything Is Revolving Around Anthony Davis Even After He Is Injured, Darvin Ham Changing Trade Plans

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are buried in a hole due to their bad start to the season, followed by injury problems. However, the team has never looked sharp enough to grab the title they missed by a mile last year. It seems like the Lakers are doomed and will follow in the footstep of the previous season. Meanwhile, the Lakers lost their recent clash with Sacramento Kings last night with a double-digit margin of 120-134.

The Lakers\’ spoiled start could also be the reason for the panic that they are going through now. If the squad had made a good start to the season, they would have had more time to think about it. However, the Lakers did manage to get some consecutive wins and improve the season. But the 29-year-old MVP-level Anthony Davis injured himself in the game against Indiana Pacers. And following the injury, Los Angeles have no other player who could carry the team like Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis

Can Davis\’s Injury Change Trade Plans?

According to Jovan Buha, LA wants to make changes in the roster so they can survive the rest of the season. And the Lakers could take time until mid-January to make a well-informed decision that will improve the roster. Losing a player like Anthony always comes as a shock at such a desperate time for the team. But the team could not just sit over the idea and cry about the whole charade. It is time for the organization to take action and risk going forward.

Anthony Davis

However, LA as an organization has only been passive and skeptical when it comes to making things happen. Earlier, they announced that the Lakers would make changes in November, then mid-December. And now it is postponed to the new year as the reports suggest that the organization will wait till mid-January. The Purple and Gold have been lethargic in their action since the season began and waited to see how the season would turn out. Call it luck, but the season did change. However, it has come down to worse now.

How Anthony\’s Injury Affecting The Lakers

There are various ways that the nine-time All-star is influencing the organization for a better future. Davis is the Lakers\’ future prospect, not just a one-year title promise. Meanwhile, there are various factors at play that will make Hollywood carefully examine their options. The last few signings are an example of how they can affect the organization\’s future. So it is highly likely that the Lakers will go for small trades to fill the gap Davis left.


As far as the future is concerned, the Lakers will definitely build around their young superstar Anthony Davis. The executive would want to pair him with another MVP-level player to make a deadly future duo. And to make the roster more stable this year, Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nunn could make way for changes. Even Russell Westbrook is suggested to stay because of his recent progress that helps the team in the second half of the game.

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