Lewis Hamilton is one of the sportspersons in the fraternity who brings up social issues on an almost daily basis. Every now and then, the seven-time world champion emphasizes on bringing diversity at the driver’s level into the F1 to equalize the gap. And once again, the Mercedes driver has put up a similar kind of desire. It looks like Lewis Hamilton is now in mind to own some stakes in the motorsport. He is now thinking of doing something bigger by getting more involved with Mercedes.

As per the reports, Hamilton is looking for some ownership responsibilities within the team. He also revealed his desire to boost Black ownership and equity in sport. This will be another step to step forward from the roadblocks of the racing fraternity and could lead to something that has never been seen before.

Hamilton Wants Ownership In Motorsport

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

As the Dutch Grand Prix is going on in full swing, Lewis Hamilton is once again all set to bring in his best and try to win his first race of 2022 reason. In a recent interview, the Briton was asked for a response about British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, a co-owner of the Mercedes F1 team, wanting to buy English soccer giants Manchester United. In regards to that, Hamilton stated that he also hopes to join Jim in the future to build something with him. Although, the duo hasn’t spoken about the ManU or its ownership.

However, the Mercedes driver pointed out that he wants to get involved in the team as much as he could. As Lewis Hamilton stated, “I do want to get more and more involved in teams. This is because I really do believe in Black ownership. There is a lack of it within sports, and Black equity. There is a real lack of that.”

Lately, both Hamilton and Ratcliffe were involved in bidding for this year’s United’s Premier League rivals Chelsea’s stakes. However, the duo failed to attain the final deal. However, Hamilton is part of many sports teams at the ownership level. Just a few days back, Lewis Hamilton joined hands with the Denver Broncos. He was announced last month as having joined the ownership group of the National Football League’s Broncos. And their reason for adding the former World Champion was also to increase diversity among the ownership.