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The Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning Just Played Tic-Tac-Toe Via Twitter

After sent home packing for the summer thank to first round losses in these NHL playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets are trying to figure out how to pass the time until the start of next season.

That led to probably the strangest/most unique series of tweets between to sports franchises.

Behold, Twitter Tic-Tac-Toe:

@BlueJacketsNHL Hmmm…. may we suggest a friendly game of Tic Tac Toe? YOUR MOVE!

— Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) May 7, 2014

@TBLightning right back at ya!

— NHL Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) May 7, 2014

@BlueJacketsNHL Bring it. — Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) May 7, 2014

@TBLightning oh, it’s on. — NHL Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) May 7, 2014

@BlueJacketsNHL CHECK OUT THAT STOP! We just took a page from @BenBishop30‘s book. What’ve you got now, Columbus? — Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) May 7, 2014

@TBLightning like a Bobrovsky left pad save….denied! — NHL Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) May 7, 2014

At this point, it was pretty obvious that, barring a major mental lapse, neither team would be able to come out on top. For those who didn’t see it, the trolling Buffalo Sabers made sure to point it out for you.

@TBLightning @BlueJacketsNHL No one’s going to win. #overtime

— Buffalo Sabres (@BuffaloSabres) May 7, 2014

To which CBJ wittily replied…

@BuffaloSabres @TBLightning pizza/ice cream #tictactoeovertimechallenge

— NHL Blue Jackets (@BlueJacketsNHL) May 7, 2014

Back to the matter at hand, though.

@BlueJacketsNHL Foiled again! — Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) May 7, 2014

@BlueJacketsNHL Looks like we’ll have to settle this one on the ice. Truce?

— Tampa Bay Lightning (@TBLightning) May 7, 2014

So there you have it. The first ever Twitter Tic-Tac-Toe game ends like 98 percent of all tic-tac-toe games between two adults. A friggin’ tie.

Carry on.

Written by CR Ronadillan

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