Coach Joe Mazzulla Called Out Jayson Tatum For \”Playing Like Shit\”! Will Not Save The Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum

The Boston Celtics are having the time of their lives on the court. Whatever the C\’s do turn out to be a hit in the game. Their last game against the Los Angels Lakers is one of the recent hits that the team pulled off. A game on the verge of finishing as a loss turned victorious in the last quarter of the game. Thanks to the huge 44 points performance of Jayson Tatum in green. Keep reading to find out the words that set a fire under the hearts of the Celtics team.


Jayson Tatum Speaks About His Celtics Head Coach

Boston Celtics are way ahead of any team currently playing in the NBA league this season. Basketball is a game of five people, and one player could make a major impact when it comes to winning the game single-handedly. But the Celtics are lucky in that department, as they have one of the best duos in the league. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are a deadly combo who could eat any team alive if they can. Along with this fatal combo, Boston also has a head coach with a crazy mentality.

In the game against the Lakers, the Celtics were down to 106-93 with minutes left to enter the fourth quarter of the game. It appeared like the Lakers were going to pull one over the C\’s to give their third consecutive defeat. However, the Celtics came to the court with a different energy in the fourth quarter of the game. And ran down the Lakers with a storming 17-4 run to take the game to overtime. In order for that electrifying run, the head coach had to light the fire under Jaylon and Jayson.

Joe Mazzula

Joe Mazzulla is not the most polite person when it comes to motivating his players for the game. Jaylen Brown broke his silence on what their coach told them before the start of the fourth quarter of the game. Joe said that the team has to get their sh*t together if they want to win the game. He even talked to the star player Tatum who finished the game with 44 points to his name. Mazzulla told him that the whole team would follow his example if he did not play well. And then Celtics played in a completely different manner after hearing the golden words from the coach.

One major thing that many have observed about the head coach, joe Mazzulla is that he never takes a timeout when his team is down. It looks like the boss trusts his players so much that the team can identify and solve their problems themselves. Tatum says that Joe tells us that he is not going to save the team by calling a timeout in the middle of the game. According to Jayson, it surprises the team if Joe indeed calls for a timeout. And it looks like, for better or worst, the strategy has worked wonders for the Celtics, who enjoy the view from the top.

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