Christian Horner Scared With Mercedes\’ & Lewis Hamilton\’s Return In 2023 Season

Christian Horner-Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton had to break his stunning winning streak with Red Bull\’s back in the domination. But, next, with a good car, he will not spare a single moment to reignite his rivalry with the Red Bull star, Max Verstappen. Not only Mercedes but everyone in the world is saying that after passing the worst 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton has become like a wounded lion whose roar becomes the strongest. In 2023 he will come back like never before and clinch his lost 2021 title. These predictions have scared the Red Bull principal, Christian Horner, enough to warn Max Verstappen about Mercedes\’s resurgence in the next season.

Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner

Despite Red Bull\’s spectacular win and complete conquer of the 2022 season, the team lacks in having 100% confidence for 2023. Horner calls it \”unrealistic\” to believe that next year will be again the best one as this year. He is somehow afraid of other teams, especially Mercedes\’s strong comeback. This year with the introduction of the new regulations and the end of the turbo Hybrid era Mercedes just failed to adapt to the changes and fell down very badly.

But Red Bull not only adjusted to the new rules of the ground effect era, but they mastered it. This was the main reason that helped the Milton-Keynes-based team to dominate like never before. They rocked with 17 wins and the highest point in the constructors.

Horner Afraid Of Hamilton\’s Comeback

With Mercedes\’ downfall, the team lost nothing as they rounded off the season with at least one win. George Russell won the Brazilian Grand Prix, his maiden win in Formula One. And saved Mercedes\’s pride with the help of the seven-time world champion to present the silver arrows with a proud one-two victory.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

However, Lewis Hamilton did lose something. He lost his personal pride and legacy that he had been maintaining since when he debuted in Formula One. He had an astonishing record of winning races in every season he participated in. But this year, due to the weakest Mercedes W13, he had to lose that. Will this not be the reason for him to get back to his original form to show the world that he is still a seven-time world champion and no one should dare to call him weak just for a tough season? Yes, this reason is enough, Christian Horner believes.

Mercedes And Other Rivals Is Simply Too Good, To Haunt Red Bull

In an interview with Racing News 365, Christian Horner was asked what he feels about dominating again in 2023. He said, \”I would definitely love to continue to dominate. But it is somewhat unrealistic in this scenario because the rivals are simply too good.\”

Rivals Of Red Bull

He explained that the other teams had learned a lot of lessons this year, and for sure, these will converge in their cars for 2023. And speaking of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, its principal, has already given a bold statement. He said that the time Mercedes wasted in learning this year will be the time when the rivals will regret it in 2023. Matching the statements of the two rival bosses, one can see what Horner wanted to say. It is simply clear that Red Bull is scared by Mercedes\’s comeback with all those learnings they have got in the failure year, which will be working as their pillar of success next year.

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