Christian Horner Once Again Blaming Lewis Hamilton For Not Giving Max Verstappen \’Much Space\’ On Track

Lewis Hamilton Christian Horner

There is one favorite driver of the Red Bull principal, Christian Horner, and it is none other than the Max Verstappen. Whenever there\’s a debate for who is correct between Max and others, Horner says Max! This year luckily or, say, unluckily, fans did not get to see the battles of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on the racing tracks. However, the pair could not resist contacting each other. As a result, in the second last race of the season, the W13 and RB18 collided, re-igniting the rivalry they have held since 2021.

For the collision of Mercedes and Red Bull at Interlagos at the second turning of the Senna S corner, the Stewards found Max Verstappen responsible. He even got 5 seconds penalty and a damaged front wing. But still, Max\’s boss doesn\’t want to blame his favorite driver for that. The Red Bull boss believes that if Lewis Hamilton wanted, he would have given space to Max, and then no collision would have happened.

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

Christian Horner is apparently scared of the intense rivalries that take place between the seven-time-world champion and the Red Bull star. Half of the fans are waiting to see more intense battles next year between Hamilton and the two-time world champion. Mercedes is preparing itself in the winter break to give the toughest challenge to the Prancing Horses. But team Red Bull, on the other hand, does not have the same opinion. They rather want peace in the upcoming years.

Christian Horner & Max Verstappen Wants Peace, No More Battle With Lewis Hamilton

When talkSPORT asked Horner if he wanted to see the collisions of Max and Lewis in 2023, he said, \”No! not really.\” He further explained, \”When there is much more space between the two of them.\” Then definitely, he doesn\’t want to see any such crashes. And, when we talk about Max Verstappen himself, who kind of like to intend battles, also, then we see no such interest.

Whatever happened last year in terms of becoming an eighth-world champion and the first F1 world champion, it stressed the drivers too much. Especially Max Verstappen was too nervous in the last lap of last year\’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He never wants that to ever happen again in the future. Remembering the intense moments of last year\’s rivals, Max Verstappen said, \”I hope it never happens again. I am not a nervous guy but in that last lap, I was definitely a bit nervous.\”

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is coming back again in 2023 to take back teh title he lost in 2021. Even if it takes battles, he will be ready for that. Even if it is more years than his contract period, Lewis Hamilton is ready to come back every year until he breaks his record of 7 titles. This winter, one of the main focuses of Mercedes will be Hamilton\’s contract which is ending in 2023. Toto Wolff is interested in offering another five years contract. But Hamilton has not confirmed anything yet. Let\’s see if we get to know Hamilton\’s retirement or deal extension by this winter.

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