Christian Horner Blames FIA For Delaying An Important Deadline That\’ll Affect Red Bull\’s Future

Christian Horner Red Bull

The 2022 world champion team Red Bull boss Christian Horner is angry with FIA. He confirmed that FIA has delayed releasing the very key deadline \’that affects everybody. The governing body of Formula One has postponed the deadline for 2026 power unit suppliers to display their intent.

This is not the first time that FIA has delayed the deadline for the 2026 power unit submission. Christian Horner points out, \”The deadline has been extended again,\” as is the third time for FAI to do so. The reason for the third time postpone is to keep the door open for Porsche to make a late submission to become an engine supplier.

Christian Horner & Toto Wolff

Horner revealed that, at present, the date would be announced till mid of November. The boss is kind of irritated because Porsche was appointed to supply power units to the Austrian racing team in 2026. It was meant to be a 50-50 deal between Mercedes and Red Bull, but as the German manufacturer demanded more, the deal broke.

Red Bull Planning Their Own Power Unit Supplying Company

Meanwhile, the Milton-Keynes-based team is planning to establish its own power unit facility. Both Horner and Red Bull chief aerodynamic officer Adrian Newey weren\’t happy as the Austrian team had already shot up a 2026 prototype. However, Red Bull is yet to announce their own power unit supply company to the public. Probably from 2026, the team will establish a successful entry into the market.


For the delay in the deadline done by FIA, Christian Horner said, \”It has been delayed for the reason that there are still elements regarding the governance and the regulations that are being tidied up. That affects everybody, not just Red Bull.\”

Evidently, the deadline was first meant to be released in August, it was delayed till October, and now it has been postponed till mid-November. Meanwhile, Audi entered as a power supplier just five days before the original deadline. Also, the Germans company VW recently announced their partnership with Sauber from 2026.

Red Bull team

Meanwhile, when Red Bull\’s technical director Pierre Wache was asked about how their preparation is going, he shared various challenges. Wache pointed out a few difficulties the team might face before launching their own Power Unit supply company. The team is supposed to continue their marketing with Honda until they establish on their own. The director said, \”it\’s clearly a massive challenge, even more, when you start from scratch like they are doing.\”

However, Red Bull is doing their best to be in between the rival teams, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault. In the end, the Wache suggested that there\’s a massive challenge in front of the team, but with so much motivation, confidence, and good people working, \”It looks good\”.

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