This year, the Formula One spectators talked about a single rivalry duo, i.e., Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, their full-fledged feud started back in 2021 when they both started contending for the Formula One championship title. However, in 2022, the tables turned when the German car could not fetch good results for the Mercedes drivers. As a result, Verstappen clearly took control and has almost become the championship winner even when six races are left in this year’s schedule. 

Elsewhere, another quarrel is taking shape in the fraternity in the form of Lewis Hamilton & Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. But why is that? Keep reading to find out-

Charles Leclerc Takes A Dig At Lewis Hamilton

Charles Leclerc had a good start this year. He won at Bahrain and Australian Grand Prix and set a nice lead. However, due to Ferrari’s power unit & reliability issues, the Scuderia driver came down to 116 points behind Max Verstappen. Leclerc is now stationed at 219 points behind Verstappen. The Monegasque got into a funny jab conversation with Lewis Hamilton on his recent post. Recently, Leclerc shared his photo on Instagram where he is seen taking a freezing therapy with a caption, “It’s cold.” On the post, Hamilton commented, “How cold“? And to that, the Ferrari driver replied with a cold “Freezing” comment. He commented, “as cold as the hard tires in Barcelona winter testing.”

Charles Leclerc

The Ferrari driver seemed to be mentioning the pre-season testing at Barcelona, Spain. Formula One generally has its winter testing session there, where it is quite tough to work on the hard tyres because of the freezing weather. They take more than the required time to get heated because of the temperature. Apparently, it felt like a humorous conversation between Charles Leclerc & Lewis Hamilton.

Although, in general, the two drivers are very cozy with each other, unlike their individual relationship with Max Verstappen. The two share an interesting bond both on and off the track. Moreover, there isn’t any big scenario where Leclerc and Hamilton have been caught in a big blow-up. Leclerc is currently going strong at the second position behind the top track Max Verstappen. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton is stuck at position no. 6, 51 points behind the Maranello-based team driver. However, Hamilton can still clinch points for Mercedes so they can reach close to Ferrari in the Constructor’s standings.