Carlos Rodon Desperately Wanted To Play With Aaron Judge, Joined After Seeing Yankees\’ Commitment

Aaron Judge - Carlos Rodon

The New York Yankees are famous when it comes to making insane contracts. They are trying their best to become a champion team that is not yet archived after 2009. In 2022, several baseball players became free agents, including Aaron Judge. The Yankees had to literally sweat in terms of having the 62 home runner back to the team. Now they are into completing the other tasks. New York is pushing too hard to acquire Carlos Rodon at the trade deadline by the end of the year. If the Yankees have Rodon on the team, they will have a great left-hander who will tackle with the left side of the field.

Carlos Rodon is having his moments with the Yankees as they again throw the desirable deals to him. After Aaron Judge re-signed with New York, the managers did not take a minute to decide if he was worthy of becoming the captain of the team. The Yankees have officially announced a contract of six years for Carlos Rodon. The amount included in the deal is not yet revealed officially, but some of the sources suggest that the deal is worth $162 million with a no-trade provision.

Carlos Rodon Is Ready! Said Yankees

\”Just putting on these pinstripes is something special.\”

— New York Yankees (@Yankees) December 22, 2022

One of the tweets of @Bryan Hoch said, \”Carlos Rodon puts his Number 55 #Yankees jersey for the first time.\” In the press conference room of the New York Yankees, Carlos was spotted having a seat. However, spotting was a bit difficult for the fans as he was in an entirely new avatar. The 30-year-old baseball player is now a clean shave which was never in his attire for a decade. Seems like the new deal with the Yankees has got some change in the player.

Now that Carlos Rodon is a Yankee, one can see him in the striped suit with teh New York Yankees logo on it and a hat. In the tweet shared by the official handle of the team, Carlos Rodon is standing straight ahead of the board with the statement of Joe DiMaggio saying, \”I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee.\” Also, you will find it difficult to see if he is the same Rodon. But he is definitely looking devilishly handsome in the picture. The Yankees caption the picture as, \”Rodon is ready.\”

Carlos Rodon

Meanwhile, some of the reports are saying that the hand behind pushing Carlos Rodon from the team was none other than Aaron Judge. When the 62 home runner was confirmed in the team, he was promised by the manager Hal Steinbrenner that the roster would have a rotation in order to improve the team\’s performance. Soon after the above assurance, New York made another big step and hired Rodon. Is this not looking like Aaron Judge was interested in having the two-time all-star on the team?

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