Are Golden State Warriors Trading James Wiseman After Gaining Attention From Other NBA Teams?

James Wiseman

The Golden State Warriors are the defending champions, but their current season has not been easygoing this year. Champs have attained an average record, irrespective of their reputation in the league. States have won an equal number of games that they have lost in the league. Although the team started the season with a bang winning against the Lakers, they struggle to maintain the same intensity. Even though Stephen Curry constantly plays at an MVP level, the others face a roller coaster ride in their performance.

The season is still young for the Warriors to make a dent, but the team will have to react to their mediocrity quickly. Meanwhile, everyone is curious about the young center that was supposed to change things in the State\’s rotation. James Wiseman was second in the 2020 overall draft but is missing from the scene altogether. He has been playing in the NBA G League since November 14.


Warriors\’ James Wiseman Draws Attention From Different Organizations

According to Sean Deveney, many teams have shown a promising interest in the young center of Golden State Warrior. But the reigning champions do not want to let go of their future prospect. Even though the Warriors are hesitant about the Wiseman trade, they will soon have to open up. The young baller has many interested parties, and he is struggling in the Dubs. If the team wants supporting players around Steph Curry, they need to sell Wiseman.

James Wiseman has been playing better in the NBA G, but he still needs to polish his skills more to make the Warriors team. Although Wiseman is committed to making a difference for the Dubs, the center still needs more experience. And this could become the major reason for selling their future prospects because he does not help the current cause.

James Wiseman

However, the second draft remains a mystery because he plays in NBA G League. Meanwhile, he came to San Francisco to attend a players association meeting. While he was in town, the Warriors did not invite him to the practice as he had to travel for practice. According to the head coach Steve Kerr, Wiseman is really enjoying playing in the G League. Although Steve specified that it was a positive experience for him, he did not say anything about his return.

Meanwhile, many believe that it is a demotion for James to play in the G league, but it is their way of developing players. Jordan Poole has been a great example as someone who was also sent down to the G League. After his return from the lower-level league, he became an important player for the team. The Warriors are hoping for similar progress from the young center.

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