Anthony Davis Injury Update: Lakers Finally Planning To Trade Anthony Davis Amid Huge Injury Concerns?

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are a drowning ship, and Anthony Davis is the biggest hole in the sinking ship. Every Laker fan out there agrees that their team is not the same without their 29-year-old superstar. However, the Lakers are trying to adjust to the situation with their evergreen and experimental head coach Darvin Ham. Meanwhile, the Lakers\’ front office stays put as they examine the best fit for their current team situation. Although the front office could not decide their action, the season is still young to turn it around.

Anthony Davis remains the biggest heartbreak for the team, as they are completely blank without him. The 2020 champ is the most significat piece of the puzzle missing to make the team ready for contention. However, he has gone out without any confirmation about his return. And without him, LA\’s new year could be the worst year in their history as they are already at the bottom of the table. Meanwhile, the Lakers lost another game to Miami Heat and could not even cross the 100-point mark for the night.

Anthony Davis

With The New Year Comes New Problems For The Lakers!

There is no doubt that Hollywood is a rebel without a cause, purpose, or direction. The lethargic decisions and lack of involvement from the front office could ruin the season for the players in Purple and Gold. The 37-year-old LeBron James will be the most disappointed as he sees the last few professional basketball years. Meanwhile, James and Russell Westbrook take charge of the team in the hopes that Anthony Davis will show up when the team needs him the most. The Lakers are a hopeless case, but they still have time to turn this disappointment of a season around.

LeBron James & Russell Westbrook

In the last game against Orlando Magic, Westbrook pulled something special to break a historic record in the league. He became the first player since 1970 to level the record of making triple-doubles coming off the bench in one single season. But however special his performance was, Russell Westbrook accepted that they could not replace Anthony Davis. Russell and James will try to keep the hopes of playoffs alive, but Davis will have to return to seal the deal for the Lakers.

Defense Leaking Without Anthony Davis

At the beginning of the season, LA was the worst offensive team. But after Anthony Davis\’ injury, Hollywood also weakened their grip over the defense. In the last six games without the 9-time All-star, the Lakers have conceded 124.8 points per game. According to Patrick Beverley, the team needs to work collectively on the defensive aspect of the game.

Lakers Vs Heat

In the absence of Anthony Davis, Russ will have to overtime his efforts which is not a sustainable strategy. If Westbrook overdoes it, he will also end up on the sidelines with Davis. The number one reason for Anthony\’s injury remains his overexertion on the court. He used to give his all on both ends of the court to ensure victory for his team. Meanwhile, the Lakers will compete against the Hawks to end their year on December 31.

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