Anthony Davis Disappointed With His Missed Free Throws, Fans Bad-Mouthing The Laker For Loss Against Celtics

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their recent game against the table toppers only by a thin margin. The Lakers could have easily owned the game if Anthony Davis had gotten rid of his nerves in the clutch moment. It would have been the last moment of the game for LA to win it over the best team in the league. There is no doubt that the Celtic Bostons are the most elite of the elite in the current NBA season.

But the Lakers were breathing on the necks of the Boston side after halftime. If the Lakers had won against the C\’s, then it would have been their first three consecutive losses. But after getting a second chance from Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum took it upon himself not to let his team down any further. Meanwhile, Davis holds the best shooting percentage in the league. Apart from Anthony, no other player could have been expected to make free throws in such a crucial moment.

, Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis is Full Of Remorse After The Game

It was the home game for the Lakers against the giant table-toppers Boston Celtic. Anthony Davis received two free throws to win it all for his team in front of their fans. A moment to savor gone sour as the 29-year-old spilled the beans on both free throws to let the game slide to overtime. Throughout this whole season, Davis has had an astonishing 83% success from the line hitting the mark up to 85% in the last month. However, the future face of the Lakers missed it when it mattered the most.

Anthony Davis

It would have been the perfect day for the Lakers if Anthony Davis had made the free throws at the end. The eight-time All-star scored 37 points on the night with 12 rebounds and 3 assists for his team. At the end of the game, he was asked about his performance in the post-game interviews. But he replied to the question by saying his performance from the whole night does not matter as he missed the winning free throws. His miss at the end even shadowed his other huge performance of 37 points, along with 34 of LeBron James.

AD Is Unable To Perform In The Clutch Moments

The game against the Celtics was not the first time Davis let the game slide by missing the free throws. A similar event happened in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Anthony Davis scored 1-2 free throws to continue the game in overtime. Many fans were disappointed to see similar things happening again.

Anthony Davis against Philadephia

In both games, the Lakers suffered to endure overtime, losing winnable games. Arises many questions about AD\’s free throw-taking abilities in pressure moments. If the Lakers do not learn from their past mistake, the free throws could turn out to be routine. Many believe that the Center gassed out because he played the entire second half. However, Anthony Davis states that he was fine and did not blame the exhaustion.

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