Anthony Davis\’ Big Numbers Can Still Flip Lakers\’ Chance For 2022-2023 Season!

The Los Angeles Lakers fans finally look confident with their team as every playing is coming around for the team. Although the team has lost three and won three of the last six games, the potential revealed by them is groundbreaking. A squad that looked completely in the mud has now given title hopes to the fans in the last five games. Another good news that will bring a smile to every Laker fan is the return of LeBron James to the rotation on Friday. Even Anthony Davis enjoys how his team is preceding and progressing after every game.

Since the time Anthony Davis finished third on the 2018 MVP list, he became a future prospect of LA after James. However, the power forward was not at his best when the season began. Hollywood had to endure five losses before they could ensure the first win of the season. Nonetheless, the team looks much better after completing 17 games. And now, Davis looks mature enough to take charge from the 37-year-old.

Can Anthony Davis Lead The Team To The Playoffs

Anthony Davis

A team that started the season with blunders was already counted out of the playoffs, given their condition on the court. However, the hot streak of AD has made the critics and pundits ponder over that thought twice. The 29-year-old has put on performances that last happened ages ago. He has scored 30-plus points in the last four games out of five, which is commendable in the world of basketball. Meanwhile, the talk of trading Anthony got replaced with building the Lakers\’ future around the nine-time All-star.

Davis has been a double-double machine on both sides of the court without LeBron on the team. And in this time without James, the 2020 champ averages 35.5 points, 18.3 rebounds, and 2.3 steals. Even though the team lost against a strong Phoenix Suns team, the Brow gave a performance that has never happened in NBA. He scored 37 points, 21 rebounds, five blocks, and five steals against the Suns. According to Davis, they could have pulled a win, but he liked the kind of game that the Lakers displayed on the night.

AD Happy With The Progress

Anthony Davis

The shooting of the Lakers has been a lifelong problem now. In the game against the Suns also, the team looked poor from the long-range, as they only made 18% from outside. AD believes that the team played well, but only if they could have done better from outside the arc. Meanwhile, The return of King James

is inevitable in the game on Friday. The 18-time All-star will take the court after a well rest of two weeks.

In the post-match interview of the Suns game, Davis mentioned that the Lakers dont want to rush things with LeBron. The four-time champ is undoubtedly a necessary asset in the long run for the Lakers. Anthony says that they will hold James down as long as they can until he is fully fit.

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