After Red Bull, Max Verstappen Poised To Pay Millions To FIA For His Super F1 Licence

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There is a rule for participating in Formula One. The teams who enroll for a season have to pay a certain amount of entry fees. Charges for different teams are based on their positions in the final driver\’s standings. They must pay the fee with an extra amount per World Championship point scored.

Recently, FIA released the entry fee list for the 20 Grids of Formula One, including Red Bull, who won the constructors championship. And reportedly, for claiming both trophies, Red Bull has got the most expensive bill before the next F1 campaign. As Max Verstappen is the winner and the first driver in the standings, he will have to pay the highest amount.

Max Verstappen

According to, the basic fee set for all the drivers is 10,400 euros, with extra 2,100 euros per point scored in the past season if the team has participated. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen has emerged to hold the \’record\’ for paying the highest amount for an F1 super license. The Dutch driver has been the winner for two consecutive years now, and he is also the highest points scorer. With 454 points, Max even surpassed Lewis Hamilton in breaking the record for securing the most points in a season.

Max Verstappen Holds Another Record For Getting The Highest Bill Ever In Formula One

By doing all the necessary mathematics (454 multiplied by 2,100 euros plus 10,400, we get 963,400 euros), Max Verstappen will have to pay 963,400 EUROS for his super license to participate in the next season. This makes him hold another record for being the most expensive driver on the grid. In comparison, Lewis Hamilton, who always comes next in mind when one takes Verstappen\’s name, has gotten way below the list of higher billpayers. Hamilton once used to be the most costly driver, but this time he will only have to pay 514,400 euros in order to participate in the 2023 F1 season.

F1 Drivers

Let\’s talk about the other drivers; what amount does Charles Leclerc, the runner-up of the 2022 season, will have to pay? The Ferrari driver scored 308 points, 146 points behind Max Verstappen, so 2,100 X 2 + 10,400 euros = 657,200 euros. Charles will have to submit prior to the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen\’s teammate Sergio Perez, who Charles Leclerc beat with 3 points, will have to pay 650,900 euros. Next comes George Russell, who scored 275 points and P4 in the driver\’s standings. This is probably the first time when Mercedes will have to pay more for their driver, who is not Lewis Hamilton. As George defeated Hamilton in the driver\’s standings, he earned the higher bills. The 24-year-old Mercedes driver will have to pay 13500 euros more than Lewis Hamilton in order to get the license for the next season of Formula One.

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