Aaron Judge, The New Captain Of The Yankees?

Aaron Judge

Finally, the wait is over. Yankees fans can now sit comfortably as their star is back on the team. The $360 million, the 9-year deal, is what the Bronx Bombers could provide, and Aaron Judge gladly accepted it. How could he not agree to be a Yankee again? Now that his return is confirmed, another question arises, Will Aaron Judge be the first captain of the reigning AL MVP team since Derek Jeter?

Most likely, the answer is Yes. Aaron Judge as the Yankees captain, is quite considerable by the baseball team. The decision for the Bronx\’s new captain goes in favor of the Slugger because their chairman Hal Steinbrenner has already given positive statements when asked by YES Network last month. \”Judge as the captain is something we would consider,\” stated Steinbrenner.

Aaron Judge

Nevertheless, not only the manager but also a lot of other personalities seems to have a similar decision in favor of the 62-home runner. His teammates, Anthony Rizzo and Nestor Cortes, also the general manager Brian Cashman have advocated the idea of captaincy in the winter meetings held on Wednesday. Cashman believes that some players already act like a captain even without a title. However, he claimed that the Yankees had a leader of their franchise already [Aaron Judge]. Being a general manager, Cashman goes entirely in favor of the decisions of managing partner Hal Steinbrenner.

\”Aaron Judge Is Worthy Of Being Yankees Captain,\” Cashman In Favor Of The Slugger

Brian lately said, \”If Hal Steinbrenner wants to place Aaron Judge in the captaincy level, then there is no issue from my end. Anyway, Aaron has been a leader of the Yankees franchise in every shape and form.\” However, with the above statements, Brian seems to turn back from the opinion he shared during the spring after the retirement of Derek Jeter. Because then, he was strongly against keeping anyone as Yankees captain. Maybe he changed his opinion with Hal\’s consideration in accepting Judge.

Brian Cashman,

In 2015, Cashman said, \”The captaincy should be retired with Derek.\” He added, \”I would not give up another captain title to anybody else. This is because Jeter was very good and perfect for the position.\” Meanwhile, in 2022 after Aaron Judge bargained the contract, Cashman came out to justify himself for his earlier opinions regarding captaincy. On Wednesday, he acknowledged, \”Certainly, I shared my feelings out of respect for Derek Jeter.\” Indeed the legend had a great career and legacy that he left in the Yankees. It is reasonable for Cashman to say that.

However, he claimed that if anyone else is worthy of the position, then he should definitely be the next captain. \”And, clearly Aaron Judge\’s case is spectacular,\” said Brian. He also admitted that he is in with any decision the team makes to keep Judge in the Yankees with everything he deserves to be. So, in conclusion, it is almost announced that Aaron Judge will be the new captain of the New York Yankees for the 2023 campaign until nine years later.

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