Aaron Judge Set To Announce His MLB Team By Wednesday! Is It The Yankees Or The Giants?

Aaron Judge

The free agency period of Aaron Judge has held more importance than anyone ever thought. Now, the player is setting high career goals, and the highest-paid baseball player is one of the first goals he will reach. At present, the biggest question under the umbrella of the American League MVP is, \”Who will get Aaron Judge? The Yankees OR The Giants?\” Finally, Day 1 of the Winter Meetings has been held, and the recent story suggests Aaron\’s wish is inclined towards San Fransisco.

According to the reports of MLB.com, the 62-home runner was supposed to be at the winter meetings on Tuesday. But, instead of attending the meeting the next day, Aaron Judge was found to have no plans for the trip Monday Night. He was seen at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game the night before the winter meeting. So most probably, he was not even present in the gathering, which was focused on his contract extension with the Yankees.


Aaron Judge has definitely increased his worth after making the most home runs in a season. Now that he is a free player, New York would never want their star to join the rival team, especially not in the Giants. However, the terms that decide Aarons\’s hiring is \’money\’ and a \’guaranteed 9-year deal\”.

The Yankees first tended to offer a 7-year deal with a salary package of $216 million, which the slugger smoothly refused. But the San Francisco Giants never failed to trouble their rivals, as they offered more. Yet, Judge did not get tempted. Then the New York team extended their contract period by one year and increased the amount up to $300 million. And sadly, still could not get the record-breaker Judge back to the team.

Aaron Judge\’s Behavior Totally Inclined Towards The GIANTS

Reportedly, the Yankees continued to offer what they could and tried to have a conversation with Aaron Judge. But, the prize of the free agent market fluctuates every time as Judge attracts others with his achievements. One of the reports suggested that the Judge\’s representative and The New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman contacted on Monday. Looks like Aaron never wished to have a face-to-face meeting with his 2022 season-ender team.


The Yankees are, apparently, desperate and frustrated with the chaos made by Judge\’s absence. Cashman disappointedly said on Monday evening, \”I had a conversation with Judge\’s agent on Monday. But that did not come up. We are still talking.\” Cashman also accepted the fact it is Aaron\’s free agency time, and this time brings the real worth of a player. He agreed with Aaron Judge to choose whoever he wants to. But deep down, Brian is sad and doing everything he can to get back the rugger in the team. \”We are negotiating hard,\” said Cashman.

In conclusion, it can be said that Aaron Judge\’s behavior is totally against the New York Yankees. San Fransisco Giants will never let this opportunity go in vain. If it is about money and a long-term deal, they will surely give it to the star to get him into the GIANTS.

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