Aaron Judge Seeking Nine-Years Contract! All Eyes On Yankees\’ Slugger At Winter Meetings

Aaron Judge

Looks like in the free-agency period, Aaron Judge is getting the most attention in MLB history. \’With whom is the record-breaking slugger going to make the deal?\’ This is probably the most asked question among fans currently. It is, indeed, plausible that Judge is trying to become the highest-paid baseball player replacing Mike Trout from the first position on the list. Seemingly after the Yankees, it is only the \’money\’ that can bait the 62-home runner. And it feels like the Yankees will not fail to do so.

The reports of The Athletic\’s Ken Rosenthal claim that Aaron Judge is looking for a contract with a guaranteed 9 years of salary. The 30 years old is under the free agency period as he did not compromise with the New York Yankees to sign a seven-year $213.5 million deal. The 2022 season broke the player\’s record, and now he is looking for some more worth in his career.


Judge is willing to get the highest salary in MLB history, and nobody can say if San Francisco Giants will lose their chance to hire a great player. There is apparently a tug-of-war going on between the Yankees and the Giants just for Aaron Judge. According to the reports of ESPN, New York eventually came to an offer of an eight-year extended deal with $300 million. And, so far, this amount is the last announced in the bargain. Now, only Giants can tempt Judge with a more or a \’Nine-year\’ deal.

Will The Giants Offer A Bigger Deal Than The Yankees To Aaron Judge?

In this year\’s Winter meeting, all the questions will be answered, which already began last night. If quoted when Aaron Judge clinched his first AL MVP award last month, he said, \”I am looking forward to getting the free-agent process moving. A lot of stuff doesn\’t kick in until the winter meetings in December.\”

On Sunday night, the meeting held was only focused on Aaron\’s free agency as it is arguably the most interesting topic in the baseball world. At present, on the table are San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees. Both the teams are daring to put the biggest deal and amount possible for the slugger. Apparently, the Bronx will definitely not let their star exit the team just because of salary issues. But as reported, Aaron Judge is a bit inclined toward the Giants. This is because they might be ready to fetch the player.

Aaron Judge

Apparently, Aaron Judge holds the utmost importance in the Bronx currently. So, until and unless his presence is not confirmed in the team, other off-season plans will be put on halt. In the Yankees, a re-entry was made with Anthony Rizzo\’s contract last month. With Aaron\’s stubbornness, the team is suffering in inner chaos. Recently, Hal Steinbrenner also came out to speak about his wish to keep Judge within the team. Aaron Judge is willing to a 9 years contract, which the Yankees might agree to provide. But if the Giants come up with a better deal, no one can prevent Judge from shifting to San Francisco.

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