Aaron Judge Discusses His Struggles Of Growing Up In Linden! Revealed What \’A Biracial Kid\’ Faced In The TIME Interview

Aaron Judge With Parents

Aaron Judge is currently the biggest star of Baseball. He gained everyone\’s attention during his free agency period for his contract battle with the Yankees and the Giants. Lately, the season record-breaker slugger got the tag for being the \’Athlete of the year\’ by TIME\’s Magazine. And in the interview held by the organization, Aaron came up with a lot of backstories. He also opened up about the experience he gained during his raising in Linden as a biracial kid.

Aaron Judge has become what he is with a lot of behind the scene struggles. When he was a kid, he was adopted by Patty Judge and her husband, Wayne Judge. One might have noticed that Judge is not white but somewhat brown, and yet he has white parents. This is definitely because he has been adopted by a different race family. However, he never felt unaccepted by his fellow white neighbors.


In the interview taken by Sean Gregory, Aaron Judge shared how it felt to be raised in a multiracial background. He said, \”It was no different.\” The Yankee\’s most demanding player explained, \”I did not look like my parents. I was taller than everyone and had a little more freckles. But no one treated me any different.\”

Aaron Judge Never Felt Different Being Brought In A Multiracial Family

It is very interesting to know that Aaron Judge did not know he was adopted. His parents kept it secret from him. However, when he became ten and started developing the difference in looks, he realized something was wrong. he thought, why didn\’t I resemble my parents? Why do my brothers look different than me? The questions were hounding in his head, and he finally asked his parents what\’s the matter. And, then, the secret was disclosed.

Aaron Judge\’s Family

Revealing the above story in the interview, Judge said, \”I was about 10 or 11, and I saw that we really did not look alike. So I started asking questions. And then they said I was adopted, and I got all the answers. And that was that.\”

Judge Became The Most Demanding Player As A Free Agent

This year Aaron Judge had a great season. He broke the previous record set by Roger Maris and made 62 home runs. This achievement of Judge made him worthy enough to become the highest-paid player in MLB. Indeed he made the Yankees sweat and increased their anxiety. And gave sleepless nights before signing the $360 million 9 years deal with them.

Aaron Judge

At first, Aaron Judge refused to accept the Yankee\’s offer of $213 million. Then the Giants brought the offer with a bigger amount and more years. The judge was inclined toward San Fransisco, but then the Yankees brought the deal that the slugger could not reject. However, it was not a matter of dollars. The team offered Judge the legacy he has been maintaining since when he debuted in the sport. So, he chose that \’legacy\’ over dollars and finally became a Yankee again. Now let\’s see if New York receives a trophy next year or not with their dream player in the team.

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