Aaron Judge Claims He Never Even Thought Of Leaving The Yankees! Revealed How He Felt After Becoming The CAPTAIN

Aaron Judge

The 62-home runner slugger of the New York Yankees spent the busiest free agency period this winter. The Yankees and the giants did not leave a single chance to get him by providing dollars and years. In the end, the Yankees remained the lucky ones to have Aaron Judge back on the team. With a nine-year deal of $360 million, the Bronx Bombers provided Judge what he wanted. But somehow, the team knew that New York needed a captain and only Judge sat perfectly for that.

On Wednesday, Aaron Judge got elected for Yankee\’s captaincy. He was very honorable to be chosen as the captain on the list, including legends like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Derek Jeter. The record-breaker slugger became the first captain after Derek, who served in Yankee\’s captaincy from 2003 and retired in 2014. After seven years, the team finally found Judge as a deserving replacement for Jeter.

Aaron Judge

After becoming the captain of the Bronx Bombers, Aaron Judge shared a heart-whelming message standing next to his wife. In the introduction ceremony of the Yankee\’s captaincy, he revealed that despite all those chit-chats with the Giants, he never wanted to leave his old team; New York is where he belongs.

Being Back In Yankees As A Captain Is An Incredible Honor, Said Aaron Judge

In the gratitude message, the all-star stated, \”Today is like a dream. I am honored and privileged to represent the Yankees and New York for the rest of my baseball career. Thank you, Steinbrenner [Hal] family, my teammates, my family. And most importantly, to the greatest fans that I have in the world.\” Aaron Judge said that he is really very much excited to continue his journey with the Yankees being a captain this time.


This season the Judge made his worth as the most expensive free agent after spending his best battling the world series. He broke all the previous records and set another highest home run of 62 in a season. However, the slugger knew that he did a great job and where he was going to be. Before he signed the new contract with the Yankees, Judge got offers from the Giants as well as from the Padres. When the Yankees threw their last negotiable deal of $360 million with nine years of time, the Giants brought the same with ten years contract. To beat them all, the Padres brought a $400 million 10 years contract.

If Aaron Judge had signed with the Padres, then he would have chosen to become the most expensive driver in the entire MLB history. But he did not select dollars over his legacy. After becoming Yankees captain, \”To get a chance to continue my legacy in Yankees, in the best city of the world, New York, which is the best baseball city in front of the best fans, this has been an incredible honor.

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