Aaron Judge Addressed Yankees Fans As Their CAPTAIN For The First Time, Glad To Become \’Yankee For Life\’

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge\’s free agency period had the most significance in the entire MLB history so far. Why was Aaron so important for the Yankees? Because he has the record for the most home runs (62 HR)? Yes, but not only the record; Aaron Judge was important for the Yankees also because he holds one of the biggest fan kingdoms. New York Yankees fans were desperate when Judge was inclined toward the Giants. However, after a lot of negotiation, struggle, anxiety, and sleepless nights, Yankees general manager Hal Steinbrenner finally provided what Aaron was demanding. And got him back to the team.

After re-signing the deal with the Bronx Bombers, Aaron Judge held a press conference last week. It was the first time when he faced the media and opened himself up after signing the long-term contract with New York. Just after the press conference, the 62 home runner decided to address his millions of fans. Via Instagram, the slugger shared photos from the day and posted a heartwarming message for the fans who were waiting to hear words from Judges side about being back with the Yankees.

Judge Is Honored To Be With The Yankees For The Rest Of His Career

Aaron Judge

Judge posted the pictures and wrote a caption that said, \”Today was a dream. I am honored and privileged to represent the Yankees and the city of New York.\” He said that in reference to showing gratitude after becoming the captain of the team. Soon after he signed the career-ending contract with the Yankees, the managers of the club decided to announce him as the captain of the team. Aaron Judge became the first captain after Derek Jeter retired from the team in 2014.

The Captain said Thank you to the Steinbrenner family, to his teammates and family. And, \”most importantly Thank You to the greatest fans in the world,\” said the slugger on his Instagram. He ended the message by showing how excited he was to continue this journey with the fans and with the team.

The Journey Of Aaron Judge In Returning Back To The Yankees Was Scary For Fans

When Aaron Judge was not yet confirmed in the Yankees, fans were scared. At the time, he gave an interview to TIME magazine after being named the athlete of the year. Then, it was almost confirmed that he is not gonna come back to the Brox Bombers. Aaron Judge was of the Giants until the moment he signed his new contract with New York.


In the interview, Judge went in to criticize the Yankees manager who revealed the numbers of the contract. Aaron never wanted his fans to know that because of the low amount budget. He was not returning to the New York Yankees. When the team and the outfielder were negotiating, things were supposed to keep confidential. But as you all know, nothing was confidential.

This raised anger in the player, and for this, fans, along with the Yankees, were scared that Judge would never join back the team. But he did eventually. When the Red Sox brought up a contract of $400 million, Judge could not think of anything but his legacy. He chose the legacy that he had maintained in New York and re-signed his conr

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