Aaron Boone Reveals Yankees\’ New Plans! Already Set Up Done For Aaron Judge & Giancarlo Stanton


At present, the Yankees are satisfied with Aaron Judge\’s return back in the team. Despite that, they have a lot of homework to do. From dealing with Giancarlo Stanton to Michael Conforto\’s trade talks, the team still has to fill the left-field needs. But recently, Yankees manager Aaron Boone came out to suggest that Giancarlo will play the Bronx\’s outfield \”in spurts\” next year.

According to MLB.com, Boone believes that instead of Aaron Judge, Stanton should be in the right field at the Yankees baseball ground, especially where the 62-home runner sets as the designated hitter. Boone prefers to move Stanton left in the other ballparks. Apparently, he has been an outfielder for the Bronx Bombers for 38 games in the year 2022.

Giancarlo Stanton Is The Preferable Outfielder Instead Of Aaron Judge

Yankees Manager, Aaron Boone

Aaron Judge is now a \’Yankee For Life\’ who has signed a nine-year $360 million contract this December. However, his comeback to the team was definitely not an easy task. The team had to go in a battle with the Giants and also with the Padres. The Giants were ready to pay more than $360 million for more than nine years. And the Padres came with a whooping offer of $400 million for nine or more years. But Judge did not choose the dollars as he was into maintaining his legacy. He came back to the Yankees, where he became the \’Captain\’ after Derek Jeter left the team. These contract battles arose after the Judge passed the best season of his career by holding the record of 62 home runs in a season.

Meanwhile, Giancarlo Stanton has also shared a large part of his baseball career with the Yankees. After being traded with the Miami Marlins, Stanton came into the Brox Bombers in December 2017 and remained an all-star in the team till 2022. This year, he played amazingly as he also got the All-Star Game MVP by making a two-run homer in the 4th inning off Tony Gonsolin. Stanton posted a 0.211 in 398 at-bats and 31 home runs with 78 RBIs in the regular season he participated in.

Yankees Hunt For Left Outfielder To Be Continued…

Giancarlo Stanton

However, initially, Stanton had a tough season. He batted just 0.152 in the back half against power pitchers of .156. He also boasted the slowest sprint speed among all the Yankees at 24.5ft/s. But this does not mean he will repeat it again. In 2023 the 6-foot slugger will definitely come back stronger. Maybe Stanton doesn\’t get the chance to become an everyday outfielder, as Judge is in the team for nine years as a captain. But he will definitely make a setback.

Boone has already predicted this. He prefers Giancarlo to become the right fielder for next season. Besides, the Yankees\’ search for a left outfielder remains in the hunt. Michael Conforto was the best option. But now he is not available in the market as the Giants were the lucky one this time. Now let\’s see who gets to feature in the 2023 openings.

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