Sochi: This 15-Year-Old Russian Figure Skater is Ridiculous

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Bear with me for a moment, I’m about to analyze some of the Olympic figure skating happening in Sochi.

Sochi: This 15-Year-Old Russian Figure Skater is Ridiculous

I don’t watch the sport often, but the Winter Olympics is usually when you’ll find me sneaking in a few moments of it on my TV. So, that’s what I was doing this morning. The team competition is wrapping up today in Sochi, and part of the day’s slate included the women’s short program. That meant 15-year-old Russian sensation (try not to read this as if I was typing all excited and googly-eyed, I’m just stating facts) Yulia Lipnitskaya was going to take the ice, and she—for a lack of understanding on how to truly analyze figure skating—went off.

Take a look at the video here.

The Russian crowd went nuts, and she left Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir speechless (which was honestly a good thing as a viewer, because they’ve been painful to listen to).

I promise this’ll be the only figure skating-related post you see land on these pages, unless someone loses an arm or something.

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